Urban Santa’s Reading Club

Our Goal: Deliver Christmas joy to young children in urban communities while inspiring them to read regularly.

Before Christmas: Prepare

Make a list – in the weeks prior to Christmas, the Urban Santa’s elves contact several different local organizations to collect the names of the children living at their facility. Organizations participating in our program, must have children under the age of 12 residing at the facility (either temporarily or permanently).

Collect – once we have a list of all the children, the elves will put together book drives and sort out the goods based on age and gender.

Wrap – Urban Santa has a team of wrappers that are highly trained to efficiently get through hundreds of gifts each day. They work tirelessly to wrap and label individualized gifts for all the children.

Each package will include 2-3 age & gender appropriate books. Each book will contain a stamped postcard that the child can use to write to Santa about the book they read.

Check it twice – Urban Santa always checks over his list, at least twice, to make sure he never misses a child.

On Christmas: Inspire

On Christmas morning, Urban Santa and his elves start their fun-filled day with a good breakfast to make sure they have enough energy to make it to each location. They then head to each organization and personally deliver the gifts to every child on the list. At each location, our Santa will:

Motivate the children to read by explaining to them how much fun he has reading stories throughout the year

Read a story to the children

Distribute personalized gift packages to the children

Explain that he wants the children to read the books and to let him know how they were by sending the included postcards to the North Pole

Promise to send a new book to the child when he receives a postcard in the mail

Note: Each book provided through our program will include a postcard that is addressed and stamped to Santa. Each postcard will include code that identifies the child and a book allowing our elves to decipher this code and keep track of the books read by the children enrolled in the program.

After Christmas: Follow up

Starting January, Santa and his elves will be busy with the following tasks until next Christmas:

Monitoring the mail for postcards from children letting Santa know that they read a book

Recording the child’s name and book title in an electronic database when a postcard is received

Mailing out new books to the children each time they send back a postcard